How I learnded to sit

“I am a very enthusiastic dog, or so my pet-mom tells me. And the postman, and the neighbour, and even Mr. Vet and he knows a lot of dogs. At one point I even thought my name was ‘Down’, but that turned out to be a command. I jump a lot you see.

After the last apology from pet-mom to a young lady with white pants, well, they were white, I could tell she was cross with me. After we got home, no treats, straight to my pillow and her voice was really loud. I jumped up to let her know I still loved her, but she did not like that.

The door bell rang and I jumped up again to greet whoever it was: I like people. It was the lady with the not-so-white pants. She talked to pet-mom, said something about teaching me how to sit, whatever that is, and she came in.”


Hold a small training treat in your hand and place the hand with the treat very close to your dog's nose so they can smell it.

“Mmm, I can smell something nice. It’s coming from the lady.”


Slowly move your hand from your dog's nose towards their forehead. They will most likely follow the hand with their nose, causing them to lower their backend to the floor.

“It’s coming from above, I can’t jump, because her hand is there. Let’s get more comfortable. Hè! Putting my back-end down helps: Now the smell is right above my nose”.


Once their behind hits the floor, say in a higher voice “Yes!” or “Good!” and give them the treat while they're in the sitting position! Repeat this a couple of times.

“I like this lady. Oh, now pet-mom is holding her hand above me. I know this one, getting comfortable on the ground and getting a treat. Nice!”


Make sure your dog ‘gets’ the trick when you give him a treat like this. Now enter the word ‘Sit’ before you use the hand movement from nose to forehead. Repeat this a couple of times.

“So that’s what Sit means! Pet-mom wants me to put my behind on the floor. Easy, and I like it. It even calms me down”.


Stand still and say ‘Sit’. If the dog sits, give him a treat and lots of praise (in a high voice). If the dog does not sit, repeat step 4.

“I love this new trick, and the treats pet-mom gives me now. No more jumping on people for me.”